About Jaymac Graphics

Jaymac Graphics is run by Jenni Jackson, a Bedford-based graphic designer and writer with a passion for stylish, modern design and lively, inspirational copy.

Jenni’s main expertise is in two different but closely associated areas – copywriting and graphic design.


Jenni has degree-level qualifications and more than 25 years’ experience working in the Bedford and Milton Keynes area as a journalist, feature writer and editor.

She is only too happy to take on any of your copywriting tasks – whether it’s researching and writing a feature for your in-house magazine, putting together an irresistible sales brochure, or writing content for your website. She’ll work from your information or source it for you, providing you with accurate and well-written finished features, articles or advertising copy.


With equal expertise in graphic design and layout, she will turn the finished copy into the format of your choosing, giving you the professional-looking publications or marketing collateral your business deserves. Regular publications such as magazines or newsletters, publicity brochures and advertising literature – all will have the professional touch if you leave them to Jaymac Graphics.


That’s not all! With 20+ years of print buying under her belt, Jenni will also find you the best printer for your needs, arrange mailing and delivery, and help you source your images. She can even arrange your marketing strategy and your website development.


Jenni believes that you are the expert at what you do; her job is simply to help you look as professional as you really are. She also believes that you know what it is you want to say and how your business should look to the outside world. You may just need a little creative assistance, that’s all…


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