Graphic design and layout


Software sales people would have you believe that their product will magically turn you into an expert designer, able to turn out professional-looking publications at the touch of a button.

Have you tried it? Was it a roaring success… honestly?

Probably not. More likely you or one of your staff spent a lot of time your business could ill afford in producing a less than satisfactory result.

So why not let Jaymac Graphics do what we do best – sorting out all your printed material for you? Then you can get on with what you do best – running your business.

We will:

  • design and lay out your newsletters, magazines, marketing material, advertising literature in whatever format you need – printed or electronic
  • arrange for the production and delivery of your printed material or the design of your web pages
  • source any images you need
  • enhance and improve those images to fit the needs of your publication or website
  • work with you to design your unique corporate identity.

Let the professionals save you time and money – call Jaymac Graphics today…


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