Internal communications


You know that effective communication with your staff is important. You know that good internal communications unites people, encourages them to care about the work and each other, reduces misinformation, and allows you to circulate the messages you want adopted.

As Dr Michelle Mahdon, a researcher for The Work Foundation, says: “Get it right and the result is increased engagement and productivity, with employees performing the role of ambassadors for the brand. Get it wrong and top teams will soon learn just how contagious apathy and cynicism can be.”

So how do you go about it? The odd mass email may be quick and easy – but has been shown to be the least effective communication channel. Instead, ‘old media’ techniques such as team briefings, newsletters, magazines and face-to-face events still tend to work best.

With our wide variety of experience in internal comms, we can:

  • help you decide on the most effective medium for any particular message
  • translate your messages into lively, easy-to-read language
  • source and write your news stories, messages and features
  • design, lay out and arrange printing and distribution of regular staff publications, one-off newsletters and information packs
  • write for and assist in the development of your intranet
  • take on the organisation of staff events and special briefings.

Communicating effectively inside organisations isn’t something to be done for the sake of it, but is a central performance issue.” Dr Michelle Mahdon


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