What people say about us


I found Jaymac Graphics to offer superior customer service, accommodating all manner of changes to our publication, whether to content or deadlines, and no matter how short the notice we give. Her flexibility has been a godsend when I’ve been facing problems with copy sign-off or changing flat plans.

Jenni is always willing to offer good ideas as well as listening to my own ideas and requirements, and her designs are exactly what I need. Furthermore, she provides quick turnarounds with proofs which are still of a high quality, and is very easy to work with.

Highly recommended.

Chris Leonard, City University London


I have been working closely with Jaymac Graphics, primarily on the regular production of our university staff magazine, since June 2006. During this time we have produced some nine editions a year of this 20-page glossy publication, sticking to a lead-time, inclusive of printing, of just two weeks from raw copy to finished publication. I cannot imagine being able to achieve this sort of timescale with any other design company.

The major difference with Jaymac Graphics is that Jenni Jackson has considerable expertise in both the writing and the design side of any project. This means she is able to assist in the sourcing, writing and editing of the content, as well as laying out the final text on the pages and preparing the files for print. She is also able to use her Photoshop skills in preparing images and improving what are not always the best pictures while doing so.

I have also used Jaymac Graphics on the various occasions when I have needed a leaflet, poster or other publication – especially if the timescales have been tight and the budget limited. Always flexible when it comes to working hours, Jenni is exactly the opposite over deadlines and has never let us down over a publication date.

I am more than happy to recommend Jaymac Graphics for any project that needs copywriting, graphic design – or, especially, both.

Angelisa Conby, Internal Comms Executive, Cranfield University, Beds.


When providing consultancy services at a senior level to private and public sector clients, you need to have complete faith in your suppliers.

Segment Communications Limited has no hesitation turning to Jaymac Graphics for support when projects require elements of design, crisply written copy, proofing and editing services or, perhaps, just a sounding board on print techniques.

Segment’s projects are usually undertaken with clients who need discretion, flexibility, accuracy and creativity. Jaymac Graphics often underpins this work with contemporary thinking, a very swift appreciation of the brief and exemplary attention to detail. We always feel we receive undivided attention, and never has a service fallen short, a deadline been missed or a budgeted cost been exceeded.

Gillian Hensman, Company Secretary, Segment Communications Limited, Milton Keynes


Jaymac Graphics has turned our theatrical programmes into an attractive show guide – one that businesses wish to advertise in.

Jenni Jackson has taken us by the hand and introduced gradual changes which have resulted in the sales of more programmes on show nights, developed our brand identity in keeping with our aspirations as a drama group and been warmly applauded by cast, crew and audience alike.

Tread The Boards has charitable status, and Jenni at Jaymac Graphics supports us in ways which demonstrate her understanding of our need to keep expenditure to a minimum. We often turn to her for matching posters and fliers too.

Shirley Jones, Chairman, Tread the Boards Theatre Group, Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire.


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